E.Hillery e.hillery at
Sun Feb 23 03:57:08 EST 1997

Rani Geha wrote:

"what is the difference between transfection and transformation?"

Well, as far as I can tell, just a matter of semantics really.  However,
saying that, transfection is usually used when you are introducing foreign
DNA (usually in plasmid form) into cells where you would then assay for its
activity, like in the case of "reporter genes".  Transformation is generally
used when you introduce that plasmid into a bacteria.

So, for example:
-I transform my E.Coli with my plasmid of interest in order that I can prep
up large  amounts of the plasmid.
- I would then use some of this plasmid to transfect my cells where I would
then assay for its activity

hope this helps :)


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