5'-psoralen-labelled primers

Karel Wernars Karel.Wernars at rivm.nl
Thu Feb 20 02:14:36 EST 1997

Hello netters,

In our lab we study the dynamics of microbial communities in soil. One 
of the techniques we use for this is DGGE/TGGE of 16S rRNA gene 
fragments, amplified with GC-clamped PCR primers. In literature there 
are some references to DGGE/TGGE in which 5'-psoralen-labelled primers 
are used in stead of the usual GC-clamped ones. After amplification the 
two DNA strands can be covalently linked by UV-irradiation.

Psoralen-labelled primes are available from various suppliers, but are 
rather expensive. That's why I would like to know if there are 
researchers out there who have experience with the use of these primers 
for DGGE/TGGE. Any comment on this is welcome.

Karel Wernars,

Natl. Inst. of Publ. Health and the Environment, Bilthoven, the 

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