help with pcr for dna from sediments

Guenter Jost Guenter.Jost at
Mon Feb 24 04:24:56 EST 1997

we extracted dna from different sediments (dark ones as well as sandy) 
but had no success in amplification of 16s rdna with eubacterial primers.
Also different extraction protocols brought no success. When we add 
bacteria to the sediment we also failed with pcr. As next step we tried
dilution of dna - the same negative result.
Now we are looking for the easiest, simplest and cheapest way out.
I forgot to mention that we also tried cleaning dna with 
gelelectrophoresis (with and without pvpp) because hoping that humic 
substances will bind to it.
Any suggestion?

Guenter Jost
Baltic Sea research institute
guenter.jost at

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