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martin LEACH leach at bu.edu
Tue Feb 25 20:33:12 EST 1997

Is it peer reviewed??

A similar site called Frontiers in Bioscience (www.bioscience.org ??)
publishes a wide range of bio-papers and is peer reviewed with a large board
of reviewers...


Michael Almeida (biochemist at biochemist.com) wrote:
: 	I have started a new web site, http://www.biochemist.com, as a
: hobby.   Great you say..... well i'm about to graduate from MSU with
: my BS in Biochemistry, and after many hours on the web I have yet to
: find a site dedicated to the publishing and/or discussion of topics
: pertaining to Biochemistry (eg. protein biosynthesis)..  So if there
: is anyone out there who is looking for  a FREE place to publish please
: feel free to email me or visit my web site.

: 					michael	

: biochemist at biochemist.com

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