Looking for cDNA sequence or accession number of IRS-2

martin LEACH leach at bu.edu
Tue Feb 25 20:35:36 EST 1997

if you have a reference for the paper it usually has the accession number
included...most journals require this.


p.s. did you try searching the molecular biology subset of medline 'Entrez'
at www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov

Wolfgang Schechinger (wgschech at med.uni-tuebingen.de) wrote:
: Hi all, 

: I can't find the cDNA sequence of IRS-2 (insuline receptor substrate 
: 2) in GenBank. Does anyone know where I could get the sequence or an 
: accession number from?

: please mail your answers and comments!


: Wolfi
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