Sea Urchin and Manduca cDNA libraries

Greg Beck beck at UMBSKY.CC.UMB.EDU
Tue Feb 25 14:49:18 EST 1997

Hello netters:

My laboratory is in the middle of investigating the participation
of macrophage-like cells in invertebrate host defense responses.
Does anyone know of (commercially or private) the availabilaty of
cDNA libraries from sea urchin phagocytes (or coelomocytes) or
Manduca plasmatocytes (or hemocytes). If these aren't available,
what about to any sea urchin or Manduca cells.  We would also be
interested in (in addition) a genomic library if this is the only
one available.

I will scan this newsgroup for a reply, but if you could help, I can
be reached at: beck at

Thanks for all your help, in advance.

Greg Beck

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