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John Watson watson_j at bms.com
Tue Feb 25 08:46:44 EST 1997

Rani Geha wrote:
> What is the difference between transfection and transformation?

As I understand the terms:

Transfection (1) Introduction of foreign DNA into a (usually) mammalian 
                 cell in culture, usually by chemical means.
             (2) Transfer of genetic information into E. coli (or other 
                 bacteria) by a transducing bacteriophage.

Transformation (1) Introduction of foreign DNA into single-celled 
                   organisms such as bacteria and yeast by chemical 
               (2) Progression/alteration of more or less normal 
                   cultured mammalian cells to a more neoplastic 
                   phenotype (can include anchorage independence, 
                   release from contact inhibition, ability to form
                   tumors in nude mice, etc.)



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