Gridded Membranes

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Amersham sell a range of gridded membranes for colony lifting...I believe I've
used the Nylon (hybond-n) ones but not sure if there is a nitrocellulose

I believe S&S also sell those.....they have handy tabs to allow you to lift
off the membranes without digging a chunk of agar out the side of the dish.


good luck


Rory O'Brien. Biotechnology. (robrien at wrote:
: Hi Y'all,
: Does anybody know if it is possible to obtain 'gridded' 
: nitrocellulose membranes - ie: normal membrane with some form of 
: grid printed or overlaid on top, for the purposes of screening 
: libraries and replica plating colonies.
: If not, why not ? Seems like a handy idea to me.

: Thanks for the input.
: - Rory

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