differentiating between genomic & plasmid DNA

Marieke R. Koedood Zhao rkoedood at bio.bu.edu
Wed Feb 26 12:10:38 EST 1997

How about isolating the DNA and using it to transform bacteria? That is
if you have a bacterial selection gene (eg. amp gene) on your plasmid.

One way to enrich for small DNA molecules (your plasmud and sheared DNA)
would be to lyze and treat lysates gently, precipitate with EtOH and 
removing the visible DNA strings by turning it up onto a glass rod
(eg. tip of Pasteur pipet melted close).

I've seen selection schemes like this, but don't know if it has worked.


E.Hillery (e.hillery at ic.ac.uk) wrote:
: Would anybody out there have any thoughts on how I could differentiate
: between eukaryotic genomic and pg amounts of plasmid DNA.  In an ideal
: world, I wouls like to separate the two species so that I could then
: quantify the latter

: many thanks
: Liz Hillery
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