Making Nickel resin??

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In article <Pine.PMDF.3.95.970227091705.539244773A-100000 at>, Stephen W Doughty <swd at> writes:
> Hi, 
> I interested in making my own metal affinity resin to purify a (HIS)6
> tagged protein, can anyone tell me where I can get a protocol from to
> do this?
> thanks 
> steve
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dear stephen,

you may have a look into the following paper.

New metal chelate adsorbent selective for proteins and peptides
containing neighbouring histidine residues. Hochuli et al. (1987)
Journal of Chromatography, 411, 177-184

describes the preparation of Ni-NTA-sepharose from chemicals everyone can buy
this paper is also the basis of the Ni-NTA patent hold by Hoffmann-La Roche
licence by QIAGEN

there are also several references in this paper about the preparation of 
Iminodiaceticacid IDA chelating material.

hope this helps


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