Adhere cells onto slides for immunostaining

Susan Hubchak hubchak at
Fri Feb 28 03:24:18 EST 1997

Assuming you mean cultured mammalian cells, try coating glass with 1 mg/ml
tissue culture grade gelatin (dissolved in high quality water) at 37C for
30-60 min. before plating.  Just remove the gelatin solution before adding the
cells, no rinsing needed.

Susan Hubchak
hubchak at

In article <5f68cg$s0a at>, imazhq at (Zheng
Huanquan) wrote:

> Hi, everyone, Would you please provide me with the best method for cell 
> adhere onto slide for immunofluorecence staining? I tried to polysine 
> coated slides, alginic acid, but still lose a lot of cells after staining.
> Hugo ZHENG

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