DNA manipulation software: Windows

bhjelle at unm.edu bhjelle at unm.edu
Wed Jan 1 18:32:57 EST 1997

Hello all. I'm looking for a software suite for the Windows
platform (3.1, 95) that performs simple manipulations
like alignments, translations, simple protein sequence
analyses (eg hydrophobicity, antigenicity), DNA motifs,
restriction maps, homology plots, etc. Obviously, the
more it can do the better, but even simple capabilities
would be helpful. 

Background: We've used mostly shareware for PC in the past but the
more "advanced" (?) versions of Windows are less and
less able to run these programs. Someone recommended 
DNASIS and it looks like a fine package but $2600 seems
a bit steep. Maybe we don't need a Lexus when a Chevy
will do?

Thanks much in advance.

Brian_Hjelle at somasf.unm.edu 

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