shareware enzyme kinetics ?

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Wed Jan 1 22:51:41 EST 1997

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#Dear Methods,
#Thank you for your prompt answer last time. You really helped me 
#solve my problem. However, life goes on and new things, sometimes too 
#difficult to solve alone, come into your life. 
#And look at me, I'm here:
#        I am looking for a shareware/freeware enzyme kinetics program
#        that works in a PC or Win3.1 or Win 95.
#The only thing I got my hands on was EZ-FIT (by Frank W. Perrella), 
#which was a... (alright, it was a nice little program).
#Has someone brilliant come up with something newer or is enzymology 
#asymptotically approaching paleontology?
umm, maybe.  To the same extent as biologist's ability to write a simplest 
kinetic or equilibrium equation. 

# Could you pass me a 
#message on the subject ?

Sure. Few of them. 

1. Any modern spreadsheet program (Excel, Lotus) that your lab owns has 
*everything* you need (provided that you can do the above). 
2. Similar to 1). Many excellent "scientific graphics" programs have the 
same abilities *plus* they are fast and produce publication-quality 
3. There is a nice very basic program called "Kinetic". Does pretty good 
job. Freeware. Huge disadvantage - no way to  save entered data. I can 
send it to you if you wish. 

- Dima

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