protein help needed

David Hawke dhawke at
Sat Jan 4 20:12:31 EST 1997

Dear Lachlan,

PAGE gels are handy, but don't always give simple answers directly
related to actual molecular weights.  You might consider finding a lab
to do some mass spectrometry on your protein.  

David Hawke
dhawke at

In <32CED7DA.3ED6 at> lachlan harris
<lachlan.harris at> writes: 
>Can anyone help me with this problem? I have a pure microbial protein 
>which when run on an SDS non-reduced (ie no mercaptoethanol) PAGE gel 
>runs at approximately 50 KDa. When the same protein is run under 
>SDS-reduced conditions two subunits appear- one running at approx 40
>and the other at approx 60 KDa.
>It was my understanding that the two subunits should add up to be the 
>same size as the protein run under SDS-non reduced conditons. But this

>isn't happening. Does anyone know why?

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