Bac-To-Bac Experience - II

Gregg B Wells wellsg at
Sat Jan 4 23:34:44 EST 1997

Hernan Espinoza (espinoza at wrote:
: Howdy again, folks.

: 	We're thinking of getting Gibco's Bac-To-Bac system.  Basically,
: it is a much faster method for making recombinant baculovirus (~10 days
: vs ~4 weeks traditionally).  Anyway, I was just wondering what people's
: experience with this system has been, positive and negative.

: 	Thanks in advance! -Hernan

My experience with Bac-To-Bac has been very good.  I have not used the
traditional method of obtaining recombinants, but the Gibco method
delivered all that the company claimed.  The only slight difficulty came
from trying to identify white from blue colonies, about which Gibco warns
users.  I had X-gal on hand and used it instead of the recommended
Bluo-Gal.  The blue colonies were very pale, but detectable.  Actually one
wants the white colonies.  I obtained 8/8 recombinants on one try and 5/6
on another try.  Restreaking helped confirm the recombination (i.e.
absence of blue color).  Gibco is selling a beautiful method for
baculovirus. I wish all baculovirus vectors were compatible with the
bacmid approach! 

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