photos of autorads

Wolfgang Schechinger wgschech at
Sat Jan 4 09:00:41 EST 1997

John, why don't you use a flatbed scanner for that. A 10bit machine (e.g.
the ScanJet 4c from HP, no affil) is good for that. I used to do
densitometry then.

Your blue-green images result probably from the gas discharge lamps that
have a color temp of 3500 K. You may use a correction filter, available at
any foto store or use special film for artificial light.


John wrote: 
-I have been trying to take photos of autorads to scan into a computer, the
-problem is that my photos are consistently blue-green.  The autorads are
-backlit from a typical light box, photos are taken directly overhead with a
-35mm SLR, with a 90mm macro lens.  I've been using 200 ASA Kodak "Gold"
-film (but I've also tried various color slide film also)  Any idea of what
-filters I could use to curb this?
-John Korte

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