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> Greetings,
> I have been trying to take photos of autorads to scan into a computer, the
> problem is that my photos are consistently blue-green.  The autorads are
> backlit from a typical light box, photos are taken directly overhead with a
> 35mm SLR, with a 90mm macro lens.  I've been using 200 ASA Kodak "Gold"
> film (but I've also tried various color slide film also)  Any idea of what
> filters I could use to curb this?
> Thanks,
> John Korte

The fluorescent tubes in the light box are the cause of the problem (also
a problem if you take photos in a room lit by fluorescent lamps). Some
1) A good photo store should be able to sell you a conversion filter that
will dampen the blue-green cast. 
2) If you are going to scan the pictures into a computer, I should think
you could eliminate the color problems at that level (with Photoshop or
the like).
3)  What is there in an autoradiograph that you couldn't see with black
and white film? I usually use Ilford Pan F.
4) Scan in the autoradiograph itself (in black and white or color--see
above) instead of scanning in the photograph of it.
5) Avoid fluorescent lamps entirely by placing the film on a white sheet
of paper on a repro stand and photographing with incident light (from
above) using tungsten lights (photo floods) with film made for this sort
of lighting (again, a good photo store may be necessary).

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