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>Personally, I used to use MacVector 4.0, but that was back in 1993 when I
>was finishing my Ph.D. Since I've taken time off from my clinical
>responsibilities to get back into the lab, I've been wondering if MacVector
>is still being supported. Apparently Kodak doesn't own it any more.
>Does anyone out there know? Is MacVector still available? Is it still good?
>How do I get a hold of a representative who could let me use a demo for a
>while, to see if I can convince my PI to buy a copy for the lab. I'm
>getting sick of suffering with an ancient version of DNA Strider. If
>MacVector isn't being supported anymore, what are the best DNA/protein
>analysis programs for the Mac?

MacVector (and AssemblyLign) were sold to Oxford Molecular Group, who are
just about to come out with a new version (hopefully fixing some of the
extremely annoying 'features' of this otherwise excellent program).

Contact details (from the manual) are:

N America: (800)486 7489 or (408) 879-6300 
Email: support at oxmol.com

Europe: +44 1865 784600
Email: support at oxmol.co.uk

If you are doing much automated sequencing and need a contig assembly
program, I'd recommend Sequencher over AssemblyLign based on the demo of
Sequencher vs AssemblyLign which we already have.  Too bad they're too
expensive to have both :-(

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