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> Have anyone heard about bacteriophage f1?
> I don't know how to conserve it.
> And, it's difficult for me to infect it with E.coli.
> Dose anyone have good method to do with f1?
> Please tell me.
> Thank you!
>                                        Isabella Chen

f1 is the same bacteriophage that fd or M13 (discovered at the same time
in 3 different labs).
Infect E.c. cells grown in terrific broth (OD= 0.125 to 0.25 for a
dilution 10 of the culture), the cells beeing left 5 min on table to make
the pilus regenerated. Then mix equal volumes (10 microL) of E. c. cells
and phage dilutions ; incubated 10 min on table; add 1 ml of 2xYT medium
and incubate 20 min at 37
That's it
Hope this helps 

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