Need GST-SH3 fusion protein vectors

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Tue Jan 7 09:37:42 EST 1997

Well, if you have a poly-proline protein, I can tell you now that it will
stick to your GST-SH3 (whatever) fusion in vitro.  I think your experiment
is perhaps an OK theoretical one, but it wont get you far. You may or may
not see a difference in the various SH3 domains, but it will be nearly
impossicble to determine the significance of, say binding to SRC SH3 but
not Abl SH3 in vitro.   You really
need to look in vivo to see specificity.  That is MUCH more difficult...


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On Mon, 6 Jan 1997, Steven F. Goldberg wrote:

> I am a graduate student working in a lab that has recently discovered a
> novel human melanoma metastasis suppressor gene ("KiSS-1" - JNCI (1996)
> 88: 1731-1737), the predicted protein of which contains a consensus
> sequence indicative of an SH3 ligand.  As part of my thesis research, I
> intend to identify proteins that interact with KiSS-1.  
> Therefore, I am trying to assemble a panel of GST fusions of proteins
> containing SH3 domains (e.g. src, abl, crk, grb2) with which to
> determine 1) whether KiSS-1 binds an SH3 domain, and 2) the binding
> specificity of such interaction. 
> I would be very interested in hearing from anybody who might be willing
> to make such a GST-SH3 fusion available to me for these experiments.
> Thank you very much for your time and consideration.
> Steven F. Goldberg
> sgoldberg at
> Penn State College of Medicine
> Hershey, Pennsylvania

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