Which is sense/antisense

Andrew Doherty A.Doherty at Bris.ac.uk
Wed Jan 8 03:50:06 EST 1997

Bruce A. Stanley wrote:
> > Dr Andrew Doherty wrote:
> > every sequence I've ever come across from GenBank has been the sense
> > strand, especially if it's a cDNA sequence - the blurb at the beginning
> > of the sequence should give you some indication. That means that the
> > probe for mRNA should be the same, as the mRNA will be antisense ie
> > transcribed from the sense strand. So I would make the oligo's as sense
> > oligo's - I think!!
> >
> > Hope it helps
> >
> > Andy D
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> Sorry Dr. D., but your answer is wrong - GenBank cDNA sequences are
> always SENSE, as you said, but the mRNA transcribed (after splicing,
> etc.) will have the SAME sequence (with uracils instead of thymidines,
> obviously). You can easily verify this by looking at the listed CDS
> (codons) region, which will (almost) always start with ATG, the DNA
> equivalent of the methionine codon AUG in mRNA (there are examples of
> non-AUG start codons, but they are quite rare).
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Hello - please disregard my last post - I was having a mini brain-storm
having just got back to work after Christmas and New Year!!!! You are of
course right, the sense strand of DNA defines the sequence of the mRNA
which is transcribed. I WILL wake up after a couple of weeks or so!!!!

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