PCR subcloning

Michelle Gleeson michelle at MOLECULE.BIO.UTS.EDU.AU
Wed Jan 8 19:48:24 EST 1997

Hi Jillian,

I believe Promega have just released a new T vector kit that enables the
insert to be easily removed after cloning.  It is called pGEM T Easy
vector (or something like that)  As for the percentage of PCR products
with A tails, I have never had a problem with not getting the clone I
want, but others have said you can incubate the products with excess dATP
in the presence of Taq to get a higher proportion

Good luck

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On 8 Jan 1997, Jillian Johnston wrote:

> I was about to ask the same question myself today!  I would like
> to subclone my Taq-generated PCR product into a vector that will not be its
> final resting place (its a long story).  I was advised to use a
> T-vector which I dutifully made (very easy and cheap) and when
> faced with trying to determin vector:insert ratio aI thought it
> would be important to know just what % of the insert actually has
> a single 'A' on each end.  To my dismay I read that one could
> expect something like 9% to be what I wanted for cloning.  Is
> this really the case and if so why go to the trouble of using
> T-tailed vectors if most of the PCR product is blunt-ended?  I've
> gone ahead with it anyway but would like some advice for the next
> time I do this which will probably be in a couple of days.
> Thanks
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