Method to extract DNA from yeasts

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Fri Jan 10 04:47:11 EST 1997

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   Kenneth Briffa <kennbrif at> wrote:
>Hello, I'm an undergraduate preparing my dissertation project. The
>project involves RAPD from brewer's yeast. I've been trying to extract
>the DNA from the yeasts using benzyl chloride but the yield is not good
>enough. Does anyone know any method to extract the DNA from yeasts
>without using any enzymes?

You could take a look at

      Methods in Molecular biology, Vol. 53: Yeast protocols
      Edited by Ivor H. Evans
      Humana Press 1996, Totowa, New Jersey

although I don't know if there are any protocols without enzymes in it.

I hope this helps
       Frederik Intelmann

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