Advice needed on subscription

Jenny Williams Jenova at
Fri Jan 10 15:10:50 EST 1997

A Doctor in India, with whom I correspond , is having difficulties in
subscribing to this newsgroup. I do not know enough to help him, so I
have included the letter detailing his problems. If anybody can help
him, could you E-mail him directly.

 Dr Banwari Lal <banwaril at> writes
>Thank you for the reference. Could you help getting me the
>subscription of the TALK group. I am refering to the
>bionet-news.molbio.method.reagnts. I have sent countless mail to
>this account but I get no response, the person who had the
>subscription in my institue is proceeding on a long leave. I would
>desperately need the technical tips. Is there any limitation on the
>number of subscription per institute? Kindly open this mail soon.

Any help would be appreciated
Jenny Williams

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