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In <32D66620.7CE4 at> Rick Bright <rbright at> writes: 
>I am in search of two articles that I desparately need for my project,
>however, my university library does not carry the journals and the
>Inter-Library Request has been out for over 3 weeks, looking dismal. 
>know these are very common journals so I am hoping someone can help me
>by making a copy and faxing the articles to me.
>1)  Nucleic Acids Research 16:1215  Miller, S.A. 1988:  A
>salting out procedure for extraction of DNA from human nucleated
>2)  Trends in Genetics 5:391 Mullenbach, R. et. al. 1989:  An
>Salt-Chloroform extraction of DNA from blood and tissue.
>As you can tell, I am attempting to use a low-salt method of
>deproteinating extracted DNA, avoiding use of proteinase.  If anyone
>knows of any other articles that are along these lines, I would
>appreciate hearing from you.
>Also, if anyone has a copy of the requested articles, I would truly
>appreciate it if you could contact me or fax the article(s) to
>334-244-3826 to my attention.  I have been holding things up for a bit
>waiting to read the work.  So, I appreciate any help.
>Thank you for your assistance.
>Rick Bright
>rbright at
>Auburn University
>334-244-3826 Fax
>334-244-3606 Office

A university library that doesn't have Nucleic Acids Research?????????
Good God, man, where are you?  Neptune?


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