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> There is no multiple sequence alignment.

I think that multiple alignment is also scheduled for V 6.0

>  Its great strenth is its
> multiple sequence analysis (this is the reason we bought into DNASTAR). 
> It uses ClustalV.  It would be an improvement to use the newer Clustal W
> algorithm. 

We too, easily its strongest area versus other programmes

Some of the
> scientists in our organization like DNASTAR for its protein analysis and
> its plasmid map drawing.

Although not quite as powerful, most of our chaps prefer Gene Construction Kit.

> Version 6.0 of MacVector is supposed to have multiple sequence analysis
> using ClustalW, but I haven't seen it yet.  If they do a good job, than
> that fills MacVectors weakest link. 

Sorry, should have read this far before posting my addition at top.

 The other weird thing about
> MacVector is the sequence alignment of two sequences.  The output is
> confusing to people who don't understand its quircks, and it doesn't
> clearly label the sequences. 

Yes. very confusing.

 > A big plus of MacVector is the ease of
> use by people who are not adept at computer use.

Again yes, on the whole our computer literate people struggle along with
the interface quirks of DNA Star to take advantage of the added power. The
less sophisticated users very much prefer MacVector.

I would love to have Sequencher (I have the demo) but our Administration
are so far drawing the line at the existing line up of packages.


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