Good alignment program?

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Sun Jan 12 09:18:15 EST 1997

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: Dear Mike,
: I have tried several alignment programs, and so far if it comes to
: aligning, I liked Multalin the best; its output options are however
: terrible. I actually align them in Multalin and transfer them to clustal
: for a "usable" output.
: Unfortunately the Multalin program is not shareware, but commercial. If
: you're interested I should be able to find out where to get it

I searched Excite and found two programs with similar-sounding names.
I also found a mail-server which does aligns using a program called
multalin, and I'll see if it'll accept my sequences. If you find any
info on where one could find more info about the program I'd
appreciate it if you'd mail it to me.

Thanks for your help!

: Arnoud

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