Same function-diverse structures

Olivier Gandrillon ogandril at
Tue Jan 14 05:36:12 EST 1997


I don't knwo whether it has been discussed somewhere but you can try the 
transferrin receptor in mammals and in bacteria. Both do bind 
transferrin but are absolutely not related in their sequence. As far as 
the bacterial sequence is concerned, you can start with  

Rokbi, 1995 
       Variable sequences in a mosaic-like domain of meningococcal tbp2 
encode immunoreactive epitopes. 
       FEMS Microbiol Lett 132, 277-283 (1995) [96039602]

I don't have no reference to mammalian sequences at hand but you can 
medline those easily. Hope this helps. 


> Dear netters,
> I am in search for example of proteins which have the same function
> e.g. catalyze identical  biochemical reactions but are structurally
> UNRELATED with respect to their primary structure AND/OR topology. My
> interest is focussed on membrane proteins. I am also interested in
> the evolutional aspect involved.
> If you are aware of such examples or literature discussing the
> problem please let me know. You may prefer
> to send this to my personal Email because this supposingly is not
> interesting for everybody in the newsgroup.
> Thanks
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