Good alignment program?

Sathish, P. sathish at BIOKEMI.SU.SE
Wed Jan 15 07:25:07 EST 1997

I used to use Geneworks on Macintosh.  Unfortunately it takes time to
complete the alignment and requires lots of memory if you try aligning
long stretches of DNA,RNA or prtoteins.  A Power Macintosh is highly
I now routinely use PileUp in GCG (in a Unix machine), as it is fast and
Sometimes I use the netsite, , to
perform small alignments.  It probably uses an alogorithm similar to
To get neat publishable quality outputs of my alignment, I use the
netsite, .  

Disclaimer:  I have no gain, monetary or otherwise, with any of the
products that I have mentioned above.  Just a user.

Hope this helps.
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