pLAFR2 map and reference

Shiwani Arora ska at
Wed Jan 15 19:40:19 EST 1997

billing at wrote:
> I am desperately trying to find a map and a reference to pLAFR2.  The
> boss has an old CSHL manual with a map of pLAFR3, but no references
> unfortunately.  Medline, GenBank, WWW searchs and Sambrook AKA Maniatis
> and Current Protocols are to no avail.
> Any info will be gratefully entered into my USDA grant due (eeek!) in 10
> days.
> BHJ (Isn't Pepcid AC a vitamin?)
We have a reference for pLAFR 1 which is a 21.6 kb cosmid. I suppose
pLAFR 2 is a derivative of pLAFR 1.  The reference for pLAFR 1 is as
follows:  Gene, 1982., volume 18, pages 289-296. Authors, Friedman et
al.  Hope it helps.

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