XL1-RED mutator strain

Ji-quan Liu ryu at pu-toyama.ac.jp
Thu Jan 16 04:32:34 EST 1997

At  0:20 PM 97.1.15 -0800, ebylina wrote:
>Does anyone have experience using the XL1-RED mutator strain from
>Stratagene?   I want to introduce random mutations in a ~800 bp gene.
>What problems and pitfalls have been experienced?  Does anyone know of
>references in which this strain was used to mutagenize a protein?

>>>Please see a review contributed by Alan Greeneer et al. '' An efficient
>>>random mutagenesis technique using an E. coli mutator strain'' (Page
>>>375-385) from Methods in Molecular biology, vol. 57: In vitro mutagenesis
>>>protocols edited by M.K. Trower,Humana Press Inc., Totowa, NJ. 1996.

Hope this help.

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