Dye terminator Removal in a 96 Well Format

Brian Robertson b.robertson at ic.ac.uk
Thu Jan 16 12:46:20 EST 1997

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> Hello:
> I would like to remove Taq Dye Terminators from automated DNA sequencing
> reactions in a 96 well format.  CentriSep works great, but I would like to
> save time and process many samples quickly.  If anyone knows of a kit or
> protocol, your help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks very much.
> Keith Williamson
> Tularik, Inc. 

There is a company called AGTC (Advanced Genetic Techniques Corporation !)
in the USA, who produce a range of 96 well format kits, including a gel
filtration kit.

They can be reached at:

agtc at access.digex.net

FAX (301) 990-0881

Phone (800) 326-2685 or (301) 990-2685



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