DNA Conc by Fluoresence spectroscopy - method required.

Gail Otulakowski gotulak at sickkids.on.ca
Fri Jan 17 18:14:46 EST 1997

Gerome Breen wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm currently investigating accurate ways of assessing DNA (human dsDNA)
> concentration and fluoresence spec. was recommended to me - but by
> someone who didn't have a copy of a method to do it. We have a dye
> called Hoechst 33342, is it suitable? What concentrations, dilutions,
> wavelengths, etc., should I use? Any help would be much appreciated.
> Regards,
>         Gerome Breen.
> E-Mail: g.breen at abdn.ac.uk
> University of Aberdeen.We have been using "Pico-green" reagent from Molecular Probes with 
excellent sensitivity.  You do have to set up a standard curve each time, 
though, so it is more time consuming than the standard 260 nm absorbance 
used for routine measurements.

Gail Otulakowski
(no affiliation, etc.etc.)

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