stable transformant (HeLa)

Yuriko Suzuki suzukiy at
Fri Jan 17 16:16:11 EST 1997

Dear news group:

I am an postdoc. scientist and work with mammalian transcription factors.

I am planning to make a stable cell line(s) which expresses the protein I
am working on.  But, due to be the toxity of the protein, so far it is not
successful.  I am wondering if some of you could give me an references for
the recent systems for making stable transformant with HeLa cells,
especially suibatle for this case.  I found vector systems which is
inducible bt RxR,or Tet.  But I may need to expand my culture up to several
litters to get sufficient amount of protein.  For that purpose, I am not
sure these system are good enough or not.  Any related informations are

Thank you very much for your time.

from Yuriko Suzuki
suzukiy at

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