STORM (Molecular Dynamics)

Yasushi OKADA yokada at
Sun Jan 19 08:34:25 EST 1997

Hi, netters!

Anybody have experience with STORM (Molecular Dynamics)?
I would like to hear your opinions on the following two points.

1) As an imaging plate reader.  We are now using BAS2000 (Fuji).  The
sales person told me that STORM is as good as BAS2000 and that you can 
use the same imaging plate as BAS2000.  Is this correct?

2) As an non-RI fluorescence based image analyzer.  The sales person
told me that their chemifluorescent-based system has the same or
better sensitivity, linearity, and dynamic range than RI or
chemiluminescence.  Is this correct?

And finally, do you consider that this machine is worth its price?

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