Hoy to Transfect primary human fibroblasts?

Darren Tyson tysondr at sluvca.slu.edu
Fri Jan 17 22:47:14 EST 1997

jstrassw at OPAL.TUFTS.EDU wrote:
> Hello!
> I did my homework and could not find a reference with a protocol for
> efficient transient transfection of primary human fibroblasts.  So, I
> tried CaPO4 and the lipofection optomization kit from invitrogen; only a
> few rare positived in the dish.
> Thanks,
> John


I know of another lab here that is having major dificulties getting high
transfection rates of primary fibroblasts.  I believe they are going to
try viral-mediated transfection; I think this utilizes the ability of
heat-killed adenovirus to still fuse with cell membranes, thus plasmid
DNA "stuck" on the virus can be transfected with extremely high
efficiency.  I'm not doing this myself, but if you are interested I can
probably get some references.


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