Reagent request: mouse liver, heart or other cDNA library?

Clinton MacDonald cbbccm2 at
Mon Jan 20 19:13:13 EST 1997


   I am doing a project on polyadenylation for which I will sequence 2-300
cDNAs from both a germ cell and a somatic cell cDNA library. I have germ
cell, but I need a small amount of a library from a somatic tissue (i.e.
not testis or germ cell). Good examples would be mouse liver, heart, or
kidney. And (as if I were not asking enough already :-) ), I would like
the library to be directionally cloned into the vector using oligo(dT) as
the primer. Our current germ cell library is in Stratagene's Uni-ZAP II
vector/system, and I have had good results with that. Does someone have
such a reagent?

   I am aware that Stratagene (and perhaps other vendors?) has libraries
available, but as a new assistant professor my resources are a bit
limited, so I cannot justify the $700 such a library would cost.

   Many thanks for your help!


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