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Wed Jan 22 00:23:10 EST 1997

>One of my friends has a problem and requires an urgent answer. Can 
>anyone help? Here it goes:
>I have a fungus in which I have consistently managed to visualise a 
>2.5kb band on extraction of DNA from the strain.  On digestion with 
>RNAaseA and DNAase, the 2.5kb band remains, so I assumed that it was 
> dsRNA and wrote in my thesis that it could be a hypovirulence 
>determinant, such as a ds RNA virus, however, on further reading 
>I have found that dsRNA viruses contain at least 4 
>dsRNA molecules.  Can you possibly help me in thinking of a reason 
>why I have only isolated one band in every single preparation?  As I 
>ran the samples through 0.8% agarose gels, could it be concievable 
>that the  gel was not of a high enough resolution to detect the 
>dsRNA, or is it possible the methods used in someway "sheared" the 
>dsRNA leaving it open to RNAase degradation, this would I know , not 
>account for the detection of one band, but I am at my whits end.  
>Any suggestions would be gratefully recieved
>thank you
>Please e.mail response G.Garcia-asua at MBP95GG at sheffield.ac.uk

Well, there is no law that says dsRNA viruses are tetrapartite. However,
I'm not sure this would be my first explanation. Anyways, why not test your
hypothesis that it is dsRNA? 

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