RNA virus

G E Martin G.E.Martin at shef.ac.uk
Tue Jan 21 12:01:33 EST 1997

One of my friends has a problem and requires an urgent answer. Can 
anyone help? Here it goes:

I have a fungus in which I have consistently managed to visualise a 
2.5kb band on extraction of DNA from the strain.  On digestion with 
RNAaseA and DNAase, the 2.5kb band remains, so I assumed that it was 
 dsRNA and wrote in my thesis that it could be a hypovirulence 
determinant, such as a ds RNA virus, however, on further reading 
I have found that dsRNA viruses contain at least 4 
dsRNA molecules.  Can you possibly help me in thinking of a reason 
why I have only isolated one band in every single preparation?  As I 
ran the samples through 0.8% agarose gels, could it be concievable 
that the  gel was not of a high enough resolution to detect the 
dsRNA, or is it possible the methods used in someway "sheared" the 
dsRNA leaving it open to RNAase degradation, this would I know , not 
account for the detection of one band, but I am at my whits end.  
Any suggestions would be gratefully recieved

thank you

Please e.mail response G.Garcia-asua at MBP95GG at sheffield.ac.uk

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