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>>I tried to use Hybond N membranes for dot blots of RNA and DNA, but 
>>the DNA signal has lost somehow. I denaturated the DNA by boiling for 
>>5 minutes and then fixed on the membrane by UV crosslinking (1200 
>>mJ/cm2). The probe was ok, I checked it.
>>What kind of denaturation and fixation do you use for this memebrane?
>>Szabadkai Gyorgy
>for denaturing we use akaline (i.e., the standard NaOH/NaCl solution for
>most Southerns), UV X-linking for fixation. For Hybond we found that if you
>wash the membrane with clean H2O after X-linking and just before adding hyb
>buffer, this reduces background.
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Hi, I heard the hybond membranes have been changed. this has caused us 
already some background problems on chemiluminiscention protocols. The background was 
very high making specific probing inpossible.


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