nucleic acid precipitation - settle a controversy

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In article <lvvi8q7c5i.fsf at>, zinc says...

>i swear i remember reading some article, perhaps in TIBS, in which the
>efficiency of different methods for precipitating nucleid acids was
>analyzed.  ie, incubations at -20 deg C Vs just spinning the samples
>for some length of time.
>i thought the conclusion was that the only thing that really matter
>was the length of the spin.  

Two articles appeared in the Life Technologies magazine Focus:
Focus 7:4 (1985) 1-2
Focus 9:2 (1987) 3-5

The main conclusions were that length of centrifugation was the most important 
factor (particularly for low DNA concentrations, when overnight incubation at 
0 or 22C was better than -70C).

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