Ppt'ing reticulocyte lysate translated proteins

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     You need to degrade the aminoacyl-tRNA so that the 35-S 
     methionine-tRNA is not precipitated.  You can use the method from the 
     Promega manual, although I think more folks use a hot TCA protocol 
     where you add TCA to 10%, heat for 15-10 min at 90-100 degrees, then 
     isolate the precipitate on glass fiber filters.  For references, see 
     the cell-free translation system section of Methods in Enzymology, 
     vol. 101.
     Stewart P. Johnson

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Subject: Ppt'ing reticulocyte lysate translated proteins
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Does anyone know of a simple method to precipitate and then count 35-S 
labelled proteins transcribed in rabbit reticulocyte lysate? I have tried 
regular TCA precipitation (spot on Whatman, 10% TCA, then washing) but the 
counts don't agree with the gel. There is a method in the Promega manual that 
involves treating with NaOH/H2O2, then precipitating with 25%TCA/2% casamino 
acids, followed by vacuum filtration on to glass filters. Does anyone know if 
this method is good?

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Subject: Ppt'ing reticulocyte lysate translated proteins
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