Help !Macrophage Cell line sucks!

o0c9869 at o0c9869 at
Fri Jan 24 01:13:52 EST 1997

I am a PhD student and I've been trying to obtain a bovine macrophage cell
line for 2 years. At least this is not my thesis work...but I'm getting tp
the bottom..and it sucks me!

I've tried transfecting them with a pBR322 derived vector that carries the
whole SV40 genome (I got it from ATCC). With that vector I've tried CaPO4
and cationic lipids. 

Then, I tried with retroviral supernatant (such as you do for EBV human
B-lymphocytes lines)..but it didn't work.

Is there anybody with some experience who would be willing to give me some

Might be my vector?..the reagents? Me?


O. Ch. P.
"The Warrior Scientist"

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