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Thu Jan 23 15:17:13 EST 1997

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> Hi everybody,
> I am working with HEK 293 cells for receptor expression studies.
> I would like to get general info about these cells.
> In which assays can HEK 293 cells be used?
> (transient and stable transfection? binding studies? ELISA? signal
> transduction studies?...?)

HEK 293 are a nice cell line for both transient and stable transfections. 
Under CMV promoters, they will express quite high levels of exogenous
protein.  They have few endogenous receptors (adenosine is one) so they
are good for binding.  For signal transduction, they have Gs and adenylate
cyclase.  I don't know about calcium.

Hope this helps.
Elaine Thompson
eethomp at

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