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Edmundo Castro ecastro at
Thu Jan 23 18:37:08 EST 1997

>          The problem I have is obtaining rbcL sequences of green algae. I have
> used the entrez and other search facilities for finding the sequences
> accession numbers, but have obtained very few information. In fact, sequences
> wich I know exist and have personally retrieved from genebank (by knowing the
> appropiate accession number), do not appear in the search results.

A co-worker of mine just went thru a similar problem.  He was searching for a 
particular gene in the nucleotide database, he knew the name and the author and was 
utilizing the text and keywork search options since he did not have the accession 
number available.  He knew that the gene sequence he was looking for had been 
published but did not succeed in finding it after several attemts.

I suggested he conducted similar searches but using the protein sequence database. 
Sure enough he found the record he wanted, with the right author, and the aminoacid 
AND nucleotide sequence in the genbank report.

The sequence and publication should have been available when searching the 
nucleotide database but .... as good as the service is it is not perfect.

Hope this helps, email if you have any questions.

Hasta luego,

Edmundo Castro-Vargas

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