Storage of unhybridised sections for in situ...

Martin Collinson MCOLLINSON at
Thu Jan 23 07:21:46 EST 1997

Bill Burnett <bbur at> wrote:
> Suggestions for the best way to store mounted sections
> (from wax embedded tissue) prior to in situ work?
> Rehydrate in series and freeze in airtight boxes?
> How long will they keep?

If it was me, I would keep them as wax-embedded sections on slides, 
with dessicant, at room temperature.  They keep for a while, probably 
You can also do the prehybridisation (i.e. rehydrate, fix, acetylate(?)
and dehydrate back through ethanol series, then store frozen at -70)
Try and use them within a month.  This is only recommended for 35S
in situ.  I wouldn't dehydrate a section that is to be DIG probed - 
there is no need and you reduce the signal.

Hope this helps, and good luck.

Martin Collinson  (MCOLLINSON at

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