Storage of unhybridised sections for in situ...

Juergen Schmitz jschmitz at
Thu Jan 23 05:23:14 EST 1997

Bill Burnett wrote:

> Suggestions for the best way to store mounted sections
> (from wax embedded tissue) prior to in situ work?
> Rehydrate in series and freeze in airtight boxes?
> How long will they keep?

In generell I would suggest to store the sections in wax at 4°C (not 
below 4°C, otherwise the wax may become brittle). Dewax the sections 
just prior to in situ hybridization. I have no idea how long you can 
store sections in this way. However, I used sections which have been 
stored for three months at 4°C without any problem.

Good luck!   Juergen

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