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Something similar happened to me once. I had contaminated one of my solutions 
with a plasmid, which, because it was uncut, transformed much better than the 
cut-and-ligated DNA that I was using to make the library. I'll bet if you 
restriction map this clone you'll find that it matches up with a plasmid that 
you or somebody in your lab is using.

Ed Stephenson

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> Well, can anyone explain this to me please?
> I do a random partial digest of bacterial genomic DNA with Sau 3A1, run 
> it on a gel, cut out and purify the 1-3 kb fragments from the smear. 
> Then, I do ligations of these RANDOMLY cut fragments into my expression 
> vector to attempt complementation analysis and guess what! ALL MY 
> TRANSFORMANTS seem to have inserts of exactly the same MW (not a 
> range of between 1 and 3 kb as expected). Could anyone tell me 
> (mbp95gg at what is going on? 
> £100000000000000 will be rewarded for every good tip ( I am dying to 
> get rid of the change in my pockets ). Cheers ears!
> Will
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