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> We have been blotting sequencing gels prepared with biotinylated
> primers and find that subseqent detection reagents do not permeate all
> layers well when the blot is coiled in the hybridization tube.  We have
> tried various meshes (Denville) rolled up with the blot "jelly roll"
> style which makes it either worse or adds to background.  Has anyone
> found a method for hybridizing oversize membranes in hybridization
> tubes?
With apologies for a partial answer:
I gave up on the hyb. bottles. Now using the industrial equivalent of a
Seal-a-Meal bag and sealer from National Bag--800-247-6000 (no relation).
For agitation I use a variable speed platform rocker. That's a bit of an
investment in hardware, tho' much cheaper than a Hyb. oven. It works.

This response is gonna cost you, viz., do you (like me) find your bands
are not as sharp as when you used, say S-35? I figure it's a function of
the transfer step.
Hope this helps,

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