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> Hello. My lab does a lot of filter binding assays. We have a vaccuum
> filtration system which was handmade and is starting to fall apart. What
> we are looking for is ideally something semi-automated that will process
> multiple samples onto filter paper for scintillation counting. Does anyone
> know where to find one of these for sale? Any opinions on the pros and
> cons of different styles of systems?  
> thank you
> nancy 

Brandel and Tomtek both make nice harvesters that can have automated
washes and harvest onto either filter paper or onto 96-well plates with
GF/C or GF/B in them.  Personally, I prefer Brandel harvesters, but they
are a bit expensive.  I just looked at a microtiter format semi-automated
Brandel and was quoted $14,900.

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